Capital Fund Program: (CFP)

The CFP is a Grant that enables a Housing Authority to carry out a plan to improve the condition of Public Housing Units. These improvements can come in the form of a Management Improvement, or a Construction Project. The Projects carried out are ones that provide safe and decent living conditions for the Tenants of the Housing Authority.

The objectives of the CFP are to:

• Provide modernization assistance to Public Housing Agencies (PHAs), herein referred to as HA's, that own or operate a total of 250 or more units of public housing on a reliable and more predictable basis, to enable them to improve the physical condition and to upgrade the management and operations of existing public housing developments to assure their continued availability for low-income families and buildings.

• Provide considerable discretion to HA's to decide the specific improvements, the manner of their execution, and the timing of the expenditure of funds; and

• Provide increased opportunities and incentives for more efficient management of public housing development.

The Schenectady Home Improvement Program (SHIP)

The Schenectady Home Improvement Program (SHIP) has been discontinued effective June 30, 2007 and is no longer giving out applications for assistance with home improvements. If you were assisted by SHIP and have a warranty issue, request for subordination or a question about a lien against your property, please contact the City of Schenectady at 518-382-5199 extension 5347.

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