• Ten Eyck
    The Administrative Headquarters for the
    Schenectady Municipal Housing Authority
    is housed at 375 Broadway. The Section 8
    Offices are here, as well as Executive
    Offices of the housing authority, including
    Rent Collection. SMHA is the oldest
    housing authority in the United States,
    having been chartered by the City of
    Schenectady in 1934.
  • High Rise
    375 Broadway is also the address for Ten
    Eyck Apartments, SMHA's high rise apartment
    building, with 100 1 Bedroom and Efficiency
    units for Elderly residents. Ten Eyck residents
    enjoy a service rich environment to enable
    the elderly to live independently in their
    homes. Noontime meals are available 7 days
    a week, intensive housekeeping, referrals,
    transportation, health and safety
    programming, recreational activities are
    also accessible.
  • Community Room
    Dedicated in 1995 by Congressman Michael
    McNulty and Neil and Jane Golub, the
    facility has a full service commercial kitchen
    a smaller meeting room known as the
    Chapel, and is used daily. Operated week-
    days by Catholic Charities of Sch'dy, a Noon-
    time meal program, with wrap-around rec-
    reational, health and educational Program-
    ming is in place for the residents. The fac-
    ility sports a working stage, with sound and
    lighting equipment, as well as a large TV!