• Steinmetz Homes
    Steinmetz Homes is a Multi-Family complex
    with 243 units with bedroom sizes
    ranging from 1 to 4 bedrooms. It is
    close to the bus line and it is
    within walking distance to the
    Crosstown Plaza. A Boy and Girls
    Club of America is also located
    on the property.
  • B & G Club
    The Boys and Girls Club of America
    is located on the property at
    108 Henry Street.
  • FIC
    The Family Investment Center is located
    at 120 Emmons Street on Steinmetz Homes.
    This building is home to SMHA's Project
    Manager and Occupancy Specialist as well
    as SUNY Career Counseling, Better
    Neighborhood's Inc. (BNI)and Washington
    Irving's GED classes/courses. Many local
    agencies use the community room to conduct
    their meetings. In the summertime, the
    community room is used for a free lunch
    program for the children.