• Yates Village
    Our largest housing development, offering
    296 apartments for families in the Goose Hill
    neighborhood of Schenectady. Yates has a
    mix of apartment sizes, 1 to 5 bedroom
    apartments. Additionally, in E Court,residents
    can take advantage of an afterschool program
    {including sports, recreation,homework help
    and a computer center}provided by the Boys &
    Girls Clubs of Schenectady as well as a full
    service Head Start Program offered by
    Schenectady Community Action Program.
  • Maintenance Shop
    Replacing a 30 year old 3 bay garage, SMHA
    utilized 2009 Stimulus funding from the
    Federal Government to rehabilitate the old
    garage, and construct a much larger,
    state-of-the-art Maintenance Garage, as well
    as a full service Project Office. A full time
    Occupancy Specialist and Project Manager
    work out of the office. Residents can
    complete most business with the authority
    right on site, except for rent collection,
    which occurs at Headquarters on Broadway.
  • Playground
    A modern playground, with a state-of-the-art
    playground surface was built recently for
    children ages 0-12. Adjacent to the
    playground, is a popular basketball court,
    which is utilized by residents spring through
    fall. Both the playground and basketball
    courts were constructed in 2010, and can
    be used from dawn to dusk.
  • Community Room
    Located in E-Court, the community room is
    available for use by human service agencies,
    and the housing authority for the benefit of
    public housing residents. Resident
    Association meetings, programs for youth,
    Church services and summer lunch
    programming occur at the community room.
    The Community room serves as a polling
    place for the Schenectady County
    Board of Elections.